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We've missed you!

We're so pleased to be open! 

We know how much you're looking forward to having your hair looked after again.  

Please carefully view the information below prior to your appointment and let us know if you have any queries.

What to expect...

As a member of the NHBF and 365 Salon Education, we have been taking guidance and sharing best practise with these industry organisations to offer you a safe visit.  


Feel Ill?

If you feel ill or have any Covid-19 symptoms such as high temperature leading up to your appointment, please call us to rearrange your appointment.

Coats & Belongings

We will temporarily be closing our cloakroom.  Please only bring essential items with you.

Come Alone

Please come alone to your appointment, unless you need special assistance.  We need to limit the number of people in the salon, so please don't bring your little ones with you and if anyone is coming to meet you, please ask them to do so outside.

No Walk-In Appointments

Please ensure you only attend if you have a confirmed appointment.  To book, please call us on 020 8658 6446 or online when available,

Arrive On Time

We're working as hard possible to have all guests booked in as quickly but safely as possible.  

Please don't arrive too early as we may need you to wait outside, but also please don't arrive late as we may not have time to complete your service. 

Virtual Hugs Only!

As much as we've missed you, please keep any hugs or handshakes to virtual ones.

Card Only Payments

Please make payments by card only to avoid cash handling.

Observe Distancing

Please stay as far apart as possible from others while in the salon or waiting to enter.


Safety Starts Outside

Social Distancing

Social Distancing is very difficult and at times impossible within our industry.  We are limiting the number of guests in our salon at a time and will mange this from the entrance.  There will also be no waiting area.

Touch-Free Sanitisers

Keeping guests and stylists safe

Each of our sections will have a touch-free hand santiser on it, so you and the stylist may keep your hands santised before, during and after the service.

Disinfecting Touch Points

Minimising Spread

We will frequently be disinfecting touch points such as door handles and our card machine.

Use of Gloves

Reducing Contact

Our team will wear gloves where practical, but this may not always be possible.  You will also be welcome to wear gloves during your visit.

Face Covering

Preventing Airborn Infection

Our team have been provided with face shields and masks they will wear while coming into close contact with guests.  We also ask guests to wear face masks during their visit.  Don't worry - we'll provide these if you don't have your own.  Please talk to your stylist if you have any concerns.

Disinfecting Tools

Preventing Cross-Contamination

We will be disinfecting all tools, including hair dryers and heat stylers, using Barbicide or an equivalent virucide between services.

Guest Hygiene Kit

Protecting You

We'll be giving each guest a little kit containing gloves, a disposable mask & a mini hand sanitiser for your protection, plus a little something sweet...just because!  

Spaced Out?

Keeping Your Distance

We've taken out a section between each guest, so you can be distanced from other guests.  Think of it as Business Class seating, on the ground!

Hand Washing

Team Hand Washing

Our team will wash their hands at least between each service to avoid the spread to other guests or team members.

No Refreshments

Water Only

The government guidelines state that we should not permit any guests to eat or drink on the premises.  The only exception is if you need water.  We're sad not to serve you our lovely refreshments and look forward to when we may be allowed to again.

Temperature Testing

Team Or Guests

We have contact-free thermometers ready.  Our team will be checked each morning and please don't be offended if we ask to check your temperature too.  This will depend on latest situation.

60c Laundry

Hot Wash To Kill Covid-19

Our towels and gowns will be washed at 60c to ensure any infection is killed.  They will subsequently be hot tumble-dried.  Doubly ensuring nothing will survive in them and you still get to have comfort in safety.

Need the loo? We've got it covered!

Toilet Hygiene

Please do not use our toilet during the current situation unless you really have to.  If you do need to go, we're providing flushable toilet seat covers for your protection.

Paper Towels

Disposable Towels For Handwashing

When washing your hands, we're providing paper towels for additional hygiene.  These are towels made from recycled paper to minimise our impact on the environment at this time.

Clippercide Spray

Disinfected Clippers

Our clippers don't escape our hygiene treatment.  They will be sprayed using virucidal clippercide between each use.


Knowledge Is Hygiene

Each of our team has undergone training & certification in the correct use of Barbicide to ensure it is used effectively and safely.  Our salon will be following the manufacturers guidance to infection control.

PPE Surcharge

Investing In Your Safety

As you will appreciate, all the steps we are taking to enhance your safety have come at a considerable cost.  From obtaining PPE to additional sanitisation at a time when materials are also at a premium, we appreciate your support in contributing £3 per visit on your bill towards some of these costs.

Team Tips

Still Welcome

Our team are working harder then ever to give you the service and hair you love.  You are still welcome to show your appreciation using the usual envelopes for cash tips provided at reception.  Please use your own pen to write their name on the envelope for safety.

Coloured Your Own Hair?

We Need To Talk....

If you've coloured your hair at home during lockdown, we'll need to see you for a consultation and skin test as required for a change in hair colour product.  Please call to discuss and let us know asap as unfortunately we will not be able to colour your hair until we've done this.

Keeping in touch during Coronavirus

While we can't see you for now, we have a selection of your favourite hair care products in our online shop.  You can also buy E-Vouchers ready for when we reopen.  Need any hair advice?  Please email or Whatsapp us.

Online Shop

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We've got a wide selection of products including Paul Mitchell and GHD.  Contact us for professional advice how to care for your hair at home.


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Any Questions?

Get in touch

Need help with your hair at home or want to be contacted for a priority appointment when we reopen?  Whatsapp +442086586446 or click to email us.

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